Magic is believing in yourself


This site is a website that shows my collections. This collection of items is all about magic. Oh, yes, tell you quietly, they are collected from the magic world. On the following page, you will see a detailed description of each collection.

Magical Water
This bottle of liquid is a kind of "magic water" that can let you be invisible. When you drink this bottle of water, you will become a group of air, but don't be alarmed! After an hour, you will automatically change back to the original.

Magical Broom

The magical broom gives you a "flying" experience, can be guided according to your stress, and is the most common form of transport in the magical world. Not only that, but flying brooms have a complete set of rules, just like real traffic rules.

Magical Candle

Magic candle is a candle that can't be extinguished. It has the strongest chassis, a gorgeous blue flame, and more importantly, it burns only 25 degrees, so it won't burn people.

Magical Wand

Hey, this wand is the most common thing we have in the magic world. It is an auxiliary prop used by the mana. The caster can play its role together with the magic wand's attributes, and each wand is unique. .

magic elephant

Magic Elephant

Magic elephants are the most intimate mounts in the magical world. They can be as big as the building, or small enough to fit in the pocket. It depends on your opinion. Their top speed can reach 300km/h.

magic bowl

Magic Bowl

This is a magic bowl with the stick beside. You can use the stick to tap a few sounds, it will generate a wonderful music according to the rhythm you knock~

magic mirror

Magic Mirror

This is a magic mirror, it can take you to see any landscape you want, as long as you say the name of the place (city or country) , the mirror will show the landmark building immediately!

magic spray

Magic spray

Haha, this is not a humidifier! Don't be fooled by its appearance. In fact, this is a cloud sprayer. Just say "I want to see the cloud" to it, it will spray a colorful cloud.